Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Are you a social media practitioner, advocate, or enthusiast?

The Social Media Subcouncil is developing a volunteer Speakers Bureau to help spread the word about social media in government. We're looking for input and feedback on the materials we'll be using to solicit speakers. We're also sharing drafts of the content that will eventually appear on the Speakers Bureau website so that we can benefit from improvements offered by folks who are interested and knowledgeable about either social media or speakers bureaus (or both!).

If you're an experienced public speaker with a passion for social media... you can now:

If you're looking for speakers to address the subject of social media in government...

Stay tuned to...

  • Help promote understanding of government social media practices by joining our Bureau.

  • Help us build our directory structure, where you'll find speakers available to participate at your events.

Join the conversation on our wiki!

Liz Rosas is the e-Government Program Manager at Santa Clara County, CA, and a member of the Social Media Subcouncil. You can connect with her on GovLoop, Twitter, and email.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

GovSocMed Uses Delicious

The Social Media Subcouncil is using delicious.com to aggregate bookmarks to items of interest (white papers, articles, blog posts, etc.) found on the Web and identified as useful by subcouncil members. You do not have to have a delicious account to view or access the bookmarks on this account. Use the following link to view the Subcouncil's bookmarks: http://delicious.com/social_media_subcouncil

If you do have a delicious account, you may share and suggest bookmarks to be added to the Social Media Subcouncil account. By adding "social_media_subcouncil" as a tag (without quotes) to bookmarks you feel are relevant, they can be immediately viewed by everyone at http://delicious.com/tag/social_media_subcouncil.

Note: please do not use the "for:social_media_subcouncil" tag, which places the link in the account inbox, and will not be visible to anyone but the account owner until accepted into the account. When you access http://delicious.com/tag/social_media_subcouncil you will see the aggregated results of all bookmarks in the Subcouncil's Delicious account, as well as any relevant links bookmarked by non-Council members.